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2020 Board of Directors

Jenni J.V. Wilson, LMFT

Jenni J.V. Wilson, LMFT: As a collaborative conversationalist, Jenni uses an integrative approach based on post-modern and existential principles. She works with creative and co-dependent clients on improving, avoiding, and eliminating Toxic Relationships, while increasing authentic expression. She has a BA in theatre from Occidental College, an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University LA, and completed certification training in Narrative Therapy from Caspersen Therapy in Minnesota. She produces and co-hosts The Relationship Show podcast, facilitates creative expression groups at Valley Hope Outpatient Clinic in Van Nuys and sees individuals in private practice in West LA and the Valley. Website: www.JenniJVWilson.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.497.2669 | LA-CAMFT Email: speakerchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: JenniferJVWilson@gmail.com
Facebook: JenniJVWilson
Twitter: @JenniJVWilson
Instagram: @ThePreppyRebel

Valerie Klayman, LMFT
aka Billie Klayman
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Billie Klayman, LMFT: I’m a Meaning Centered Therapist who has been practicing the art of therapy for over 11 years; I’ve been licensed for over 5 years. I have been a participating member of the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT since 2008 and have been part of our executive board as CFO since 2014. I am a supervisor at the Antioch University Counseling Center as well as conducting my private practice at AUCC. Last year I was hired by the city of Culver City to be the resident therapist for the community as well as providing therapy to the members of the Culver City Senior Center. Website: ValerieKlayman.

Contact Information
Phone: 818.458.3379 | LA-CAMFT Email: cfo@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: therapyforhealing@att.net

Valentina (Tina) Setteducate, LMFT

Valentina (Tina) Setteducate, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who works in private practice serving children, teens, adults and couples struggling with life transitions, relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, and parenting struggles. Tina has a passion for mindful-awareness in her own life, and she incorporates mindfulness and attachment-based approaches into her work with clients. Tina believes that therapy is more than just a quick fix or relief from symptoms, but rather a journey to a deeper understanding and loving of oneself. She is excited to be serving as the Recording and Communications Secretary on the LA-CAMFT Board of Directors.

Contact Information
Phone: 847.826.4519 | LA-CAMFT Email: secretary@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: tinasetteducate@gmail.com

Matthew Evans, LMFT
Past President

Matthew Evans, LMFT, utilizes Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy in his work as a Primary Therapist in Resilience Treatment Center’s residential program for adults. As a licensed therapist, Matthew provides individual and group therapy to adolescents and adults with anxiety-related disorders, including OCD, panic disorder, social anxiety, GAD, and school/test anxiety.

Contact Information
Phone: 424.341.3068 | LA-CAMFT Email: President@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email:matthew.s.evans@alumnimail.pepperdine.edu
Facebook: Matthew.Evans126
Twitter: @matthewevans126
LinkedIn: Matthew Evans, MFT

Di Wilson, LMFT
Networking Event Chair

Di Wilson, LMFT, is passionate about working with high achievers who have overcome the pain and difficulty of growing up with mental illness, alcoholism, neglect or abuse. She uses her comprehensive training in Jungian psychotherapy, Trauma Resiliency, Brainspotting, and body/brain-oriented therapies to promote healing and integration in her work with adults experiencing the effects of early trauma, quarter or midlife crises, anxiety, depression, feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction, and the subsequent search for a more meaningful life. When not working, Di loves to spend time walking at the beach and even taking a bracing dip in the Pacific. Website: www.diwilsontherapy.com .

Contact Information
Phone: 310.351.1121LA-CAMFT Email: networkingchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: di@diwilsontherapy.com
Di Wilson Therapy and Counseling 

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT
Communications and Marketing Chair

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, supports and coaches licensed therapists, associates, and students in creating, maintaining (or revitalizing) a successful, thriving clinical practice and a profitable career. Based in Santa Monica, Lynne does coaching and psychotherapy with gifted, talented & creative adults, couples, and families—and provides supervision, consultation & training to licensed therapists, interns and supervisors. A Professor Emeritus of Phillips Graduate University, Lynne’s a popular speaker and workshop leader, well known for her practical, useful, cutting-edge advice—and is nationally recognized for her skillful, innovative training and extensive knowledge of Virginia Satir’s work. Websites: www.Gifted-Adults.com, www.LAPracticeDevelopment.com, www.LynneAzpeitia.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.828.7121 | LA-CAMFT Email: lynnemazpeitia@yahoo.com
Work/Private Practice Email: lynne@gifted-adults.com
Facebook: LynneAzpeitia and LA Practice Development Group

Darlene Basch, LCSW
Membership Chair

Darlene Basch, LCSW, is a body psychotherapist for people seeking to overcome daily anxiety, panic attacks and other life challenges. Her practice focuses on parents, children, teens, and families. Darlene’s transformation therapy techniques help clients open up and move forward with a new sense of well-grounded calm. She teaches powerful stabilizing techniques for use anywhere, anytime with immediate results. As lead trainer for Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, she traveled worldwide training interviewers. Darlene also teaches workshops on parenting, post-traumatic stress, sexual abuse, relationships, stress management, spirituality, and meditation. Darlene previously served as the LA-CAMFT Networking Events Chair for 4 years. Website: www.transformationtherapy.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 323.937.4974 | LA-CAMFT Email: membershipchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: darlene@transformationtherapy.com
Facebook: Transformation Therapy with Darlene Basch

Randi Gottlieb, LMFT
Special Events Chair

The MFT license affords us the opportunity to practice our craft in so many ways! In my 38 years as a licensed therapist, I’ve taken that truth to heart: as clinician, graduate school teacher, forensic evaluator, and community agency administrator. My clinical work is rooted in Gestalt, with EMDR and Trauma Resiliency as complimentary body/mind approaches. I frame therapeutic work within a post-modern, real-life lens. My primary areas of specialization include treatment for children, birth through teen years, life transitions, trauma recovery, and existential therapy. I have served on the LA-CAMFT Board of Directors since 2013, as Secretary, President Elect, President and Past President.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.455.1952 | LA-CAMFT Email: specialeventschair@lacamft.org

Jonathan Flier, LMFT
Special Interest Group Chair

Jonathan Flier, LMFT, creates emotionally safe, empathic connections with clients. He specializes in working with men, treating trauma, anxiety, high conflict and passionless couples. Jonathan guides individuals and couples to create strong bonds of intimacy for satisfying relationships. He helps clients recover from traumatic experiences utilizing somatic treatments such as EMDR and the Trauma Resiliency Model. For over 20 years Jonathan supervised interns. He also provides consultations to licensed MFT’s and LCSW’s.From 2008 to 2014, Jonathan served as President of LACAMFT and has remained on the Board of Directors. He’s currently on the Board of CAMFT. Website: www.JonathanFlier.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.552.5228 | LA-CAMFT Email: sigchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: jonathan@jonathanflier.com
Facebook: Jonathan Flier LMFT

Hannah Campbell, LMFT
Pre-Licensed Representative
3000 Club Co-Chair

Hannah Campbell, LMFT, is in private practice in Santa Monica. Hannah specializes in life transitions, whether it’s developing identity and healthy relationships as a teen, rediscovering the self as an older adult, or building a thriving partnership and family. With an MA in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and two undergraduate degrees, Psychology and Cinematic Arts, from University of Southern California, Hannah also provides early interventional substance use counseling to teens and families at a local non-profit. Website: hannahcampbelltherapy.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.488.7500  | LA-CAMFT Email: prelicensed@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: hannahcareycampbell@gmail.com

Estelle Fisher, LMFT
Sponsorship Chair

Estelle Fisher, LMFT, has been facilitating mental and emotional healing throughout Los Angeles for over 20 years. Her belief in the inherent human ability to heal emotionally guided her to expand her psychotherapeutic practice to include EMDR and TRM to enhance that process. Estelle’s work in private practice, hospital outreach programs and schools, enables her to bring therapy to individuals, children, couples and families, in resource-rich as well as under-served communities. In every aspect of her work, Estelle seeks the reclamation of personal empowerment, heightening of awareness, and ultimately, an honest and gratifying expression of self.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.740.1441 | LA-CAMFT Email: mindbfreee@gmail.com 
Work/Private Practice Email: mindbfreee@gmail.com

Elizabeth Sterbenz, LMFT
Speaker Committee Co-Chair

Elizabeth Sterbenz, LMFTis in private practice in the Beverly Grove — Fairfax area of Los Angeles where she works with individuals, couples, and adolescents navigating anxiety, trauma, relationship issues, and life transitions. Trained in evidence-based treatments for trauma including EMDR, cognitive processing therapy, and prolonged exposure, Elizabeth helps clients using a solution-focused approach as well as drawing from elements of existential psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy. Her practice includes a specialization in working with clients to explore their relationship with money and finances as she is trained in, and holds a certificate in, Financial TherapyWebsite: www.elizabethsterbenz.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 323.546.4947 | LA-CAMFT Email: speakerchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: elizabeth@elizabethsterbenz.com

Shelley Pearce, LMFT

Shelley Pearce, LMFT, is an integrative psychotherapist who weaves a broad spectrum of approaches into her counseling in support of healing and deeper fulfillment. Shelley currently serves as Past President to LA-CAMFT and sits on the Board of Directors of Global Bridge Foundation. In 2007, she was honored as “Community Leader of the Year” by NEIU-19, a PA state organization servicing three counties and twenty school districts. Her direction of Humanistic Spirituality led to receiving the 2014 CULTURE UNPLUGGED International Film Festival Award for “Compassionate Theme.” Shelley is a nonsectarian minister and student of contemplative and wisdom traditions.  Website: www.ShelleyPearce.org.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.310.2047 | LA-CAMFT Email: shelleypearcelmft@gmail.com
Work/Private Practice Email: shelleypearcelmft@gmail.com
Facebook: @shelleypearcelmft
Instagram: @LMFTcounsel
LinkedIn: ShelleyPearce

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