Los Angeles Chapter  California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists

2023 Board of Directors

Christina Cacho Sakai, LMFT

Contact Information
Phone: 626.755.0178
LA-CAMFT Email: president@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: ChristinaFCachoLMFT@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/christina-cacho-sakai-lmft-6937632b/

Christina “Tina” Cacho Sakai, LMFT (she/her),  is a Latinx (Mexican-American) psychotherapist in private practice and a former community based therapist, clinical supervisor, associate director, and adjunct faculty at CSULA.  She provides psychotherapy with BIPOC folx in a culturally responsive, LGBTQIA+ affirming and social justice-oriented atmosphere. Specializations include healing from trauma, befriending anxiety, processing grief and loss, exploring creativity, and honoring full intersectional identities.  Therapeutic approaches include strength-based, psychodynamic, internal family systems and somatic therapy. She is currently in the BIPOC Somatic Experiencing Training Certificate Program . 

Jennifer Stonefield, LMFT

Contact Information
Phone: 310.601.7371
LA-CAMFT Email: presidentelect@lacamft.org

Jennifer Stonefield, LMFT: Jennifer is Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist. She’s always had a passion for psychology and going on the therapeutic journey with her clients reminds her of this every day. She has a wide array of clinical experience ranging from working with children in an educational setting to those suffering from dementia to individual work in several group, private practices where age holds no boundaries. She has an M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University, with an emphasis in Marriage and Family Therapy. Jennifer applies a person-centered approach when working with clients, as she believes that a “one size fits all” approach simply won’t cut it. Website: www.jenniferstonefield.com. 

Valerie Klayman, LMFT
aka Billie Klayman
CFO (Chief Financial Officer)

Contact Information
Phone: 818.458.3379
LA-CAMFT Email: cfo@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: therapist4healing@gmail.com

Billie Klayman, LMFT: I’m a Meaning Centered Therapist who has been practicing the art of therapy for over 15 years; I’ve been licensed for over 10 years. I have been a participating member of the Los Angeles Chapter of CAMFT since 2008 and have been part of our executive board as CFO since 2014. I am a clinical supervisor at the Antioch University Counseling Center for their main clinic and the Colors program. Website: ValerieKlayman.

Mayra Diaz, LMFT

Contact Information
Phone: 818.473.0945
LA-CAMFT Email: secretary@lacamft.org
Work Email: mayra@mayradiaztherapy.com
Facebook: Mayra Diaz
Instagram: mayradiaztherapy 

Pronouns: She/Her

Mayra Diaz is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in working with anxiety, OCD, and the BIPOC community. She has a private practice in Glendale, CA and is the author of The Panic Attack Relief Workbook. She completed her BA in psychology at UC, Santa Barbara and a MS in counseling at Cal State Northridge. She helps clients build new strategies to promote resilience and self-compassion. Mayra incorporates CBT, ERP, ACT, and mindfulness into her work. She challenges her clients and actively promotes their learning so they can feel ownership of their own change. Website: mayradiaztherapy.com.

Leanne Nettles, LMFT
Past President

Contact Information
Phone: 626.387.3934
LA-CAMFT Email: pastpresident@lacamft.org
Work Email: LeanneNettles@gmail.com

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Leanne Nettles, LMFT, Clinical Program Manager of School-Based Services at D'Veal Family and Youth Services in the San Gabriel Valley and Adjunct Faculty at Pacific Oaks College, specializes in working with at-risk children, adolescents, and families in healing trauma and improving socio-emotional and behavioral functioning. A MAP certified supervisor and trainer, she brings energy and enthusiasm to developing team-focused collaborative therapy and community partnerships, and empowering disenfranchised communities. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Leanne utilizes her training and background experience in dance, spirituality, and multiculturalism to inform and advocate for culturally competent therapy and expressive therapeutic interventions.  

Di Wilson, LMFT
Networking Event Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 310.351.1121
LA-CAMFT Email: networkingchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: di@diwilsontherapy.com
Di Wilson Therapy and Counseling 

Di Wilson, LMFT, is passionate about working with high achievers who have overcome the pain and difficulty of growing up with mental illness, alcoholism, neglect or abuse. She uses her comprehensive training in Jungian psychotherapy, Trauma Resiliency, Brainspotting, and body/brain-oriented therapies to promote healing and integration in her work with adults experiencing the effects of early trauma, quarter or midlife crises, anxiety, depression, feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction, and the subsequent search for a more meaningful life. When not working, Di loves to spend time walking at the beach and even taking a bracing dip in the Pacific. Website: www.diwilsontherapy.com.

Laura Sgro, LCSW
Communications & Marketing Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 818.814.6015
LA-CAMFT Email: communicationschair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: hello@laurasgrolcsw.com 
Instagram: www.instagram.com/laurasgrolcsw

Pronouns: She/Her

Laura Sgro, LCSW, has a telehealth-based private practice where she works with folks navigating anxiety, people-pleasing patterns, attachment wounds, relational trauma, and identity exploration. Her style is modern and eclectic, integrating aspects of EMDR, mindfulness, cognitive-behavioral, acceptance and commitment, and narrative techniques with psychodynamic, feminist, existential, and humanistic approaches. Laura also regularly contributes to various media publications and wellness apps on topics related to mental health. Outside of work, Laura loves traveling to new places, reading historical fiction novels, and singing karaoke.

Jill Landefeld, LMFT
Membership Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 310.625.6940 

LA-CAMFT Email: membershipchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: jlandefeldlmft@gmail.com

Jill Landefeld, LMFT, specializes in EMDR and Somatic Experiencing in her work at Trauma and Beyond Psychological Center in Sherman Oaks.  Previously she held management positions at community mental health agencies, where she focused on start-up programs and business development.  Her background also includes clinical supervision at residential SUD facilities and psychotherapy with adults and couples in a private practice setting.  Jill’s clinical orientation is grounded in psychodynamic psychotherapy, object relations, self-psychology and gestalt

Tiffani Sainz, Registered Associate MFT
Special Events Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 310.499.3213 

LA-CAMFT Email: specialeventschair@lacamft.org

Tiffani Sainz, MA, AMFT, is a graduate of Pepperdine University's Master of Arts Program in Clinical Psychology. She works with adult individuals, couples, and provides family therapy. She has previously worked in substance rehabilitation treatment centers, specializing in severe mental health diagnosis inpatient services. Tiffani is trained in EMDR assisting clients with complex trauma and co-occurring disorders. She is influenced by Internal Family Systems and attachment paradigms, while understanding that there is no "one-size-fits-all" approach, she views therapeutic processing as a collaborative experience. Website: https://tiffanisainz.com/. 

Sandi Bohle, AMFT
Special Interest Group Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 423.341.1977
LA-CAMFT Email: sandibohle@gmail.com
Work/Private Practice Email: sandibohle@gmail.com
Facebook: @sandibohletherapy 
Twitter: @Solasdesigns 
Instagram: @thejourneywithinpsychotherapy

Sandi Bohle, MA, Registered Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, is in private practice in Pasadena, supervised by Douglas Sadownick, Ph.D., LMFT. Specializing in complex trauma, Sandi works from a Psychodynamic approach synthesized with Dialectical Behavioral Therapy and EMDR while incorporating humor, play, and somatic modalities to help individuals address the various challenges that life and relationships often bring.  Sandi has an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University,  Los Angeles, is an alumnus of Open Paths Counseling Center, has advanced training in EMDR and DBT and has begun advanced training in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Website: sandibohletherapy.com     

Darlene Basch, LCSW
Sponsorship Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 323.937.4974
LA-CAMFT Email: sponsorshipchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: darlene@transformationtherapy.com
Facebook: Transformation Therapy with Darlene Basch

Darlene Basch, LCSW, is a body psychotherapist for people seeking to overcome daily anxiety, panic attacks and other life challenges. Her practice focuses on parents, children, teens, and families. Darlene’s transformation therapy techniques help clients open up and move forward with a new sense of well-grounded calm. She teaches powerful stabilizing techniques for use anywhere, anytime with immediate results. As lead trainer for Spielberg’s Shoah Foundation, she traveled worldwide training interviewers. Darlene also teaches workshops on parenting, post-traumatic stress, sexual abuse, relationships, stress management, spirituality, and meditation. Darlene previously served as the LA-CAMFT Networking Events Chair for 4 years and Membership Chair. Website: www.transformationtherapy.com.

Elizabeth Sterbenz, LMFT
Speaker Committee Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 323.546.4947
LA-CAMFT Email: speakerchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: elizabeth@elizabethsterbenz.com

Pronouns: She/Her

Elizabeth Sterbenz, LMFTis in private practice in the Beverly Grove — Fairfax area of Los Angeles where she works with individuals couples and adolescents navigating anxiety trauma relationship issues and life transitions. Trained in evidence-based treatments for trauma including EMDR cognitive processing therapy and prolonged exposure, Elizabeth helps clients using a solution-focused approach as well as drawing from elements of existential psychodynamic and cognitive behavior therapy. Her practice includes a specialization in working with clients to explore their relationship with money and finances as she is trained in, and holds a certificate in, Financial TherapyWebsite: www.elizabethsterbenz.com/.

Akiah T. Robinson Selwa, LMFT
Diversity Committee Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 626.788.2024 
LA-CAMFT Email: aselwa@sunrisetherapycenter.org
LA-CAMFT Diversity Committee: Email: DiversityCommittee@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: stc@sunrisetherapycenter.org

Akiah Robinson Selwa, LMFT, President of Sunrise Therapy Center, specializes in biblical counseling, trauma-informed therapy, anxiety management, family therapy, grief & loss, and lifespan transitions. With 24 years of collective experience as a domestic violence prevention advocate, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, and mentor, Akiah is skilled in working with families, individuals, children, the BIPOC population, abuse survivors, and members of adoption/foster care constellations. She approaches therapy with cultural humility that promotes acceptance, safety, empowerment, and creativityWebsite: sunrisetherapycenter.org.

Tyana Tavakol, AMFT
Pre-Licensed Representative
3000 Club Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 310.733.8243
LA-CAMFT Email: prelicensed@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: 

Tyana Tavakol, MA, AMFT, works in private practice under the supervision of Cayla Minaiy, PhD, LMFT at Beverly Hills Therapy Group. She works with individual adults and couples and specializes in childhood/intergenerational trauma, especially with the BIPOC community. Additionally, her experience working in the tech industry for six years motivates her to work with tech employees as they navigate the work culture’s pressures and stress. 

Pronouns: She/Her

Keonna Robinson, LMFT
Board Member-At-Large
TOC Mentorship Program Chair

Contact Information
Phone: 510.927.4202
LA-CAMFT Email: tocmentorshipprogram@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: 

Pronouns: She/Her

Keonna Robinson, LMFT, founder of P.E.A.C.E. Wellness Collective: Individual & Family Therapy Center, specializes in grief & traumatic loss, relationship counseling, and stress management from a holistic and communal healing lens. She began her career working in medical clinics conducting behavioral research and now has over 11 years of collective experience as a psychotherapist, assistant professor, clinical trainer, and mentor. Keonna has served as a clinician in multiple levels of care including residential, school-based, outpatient, and inpatient within the DCFS, probation, and community mental health settings. Keonna currently works with individuals and couples of color overcoming life transitions, rebuilding healthy communication, and finding purpose after traumatic losses. Her clinical approach is filled with compassion and honesty while teaching skills that spark new insights to propel forward.  Website: www.pwcla.com.

Stara Shakti, LMFT
Board Member At-Large

Contact Information
Phone: 310.694.2396
Work/Private Practice Email: StaraShaktiLMFT@gmail.com
Instagram: @StaraShaktiLMFT
Facebook: Stara Shakti, LMFT
LinkedIn: Stara Shakti LMFT

Pronouns: She/Her/Hers

Having grown up the middle daughter of South Asian immigrants on the East Coast, I understand the struggle of straddling two cultures and the feeling like you’re living a “double life.” Along my own path of healing from childhood trauma, I became an inclusive trauma therapist to help folks heal from similar intercultural, intergenerational trauma. I have a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology with a specialization in Trauma Studies from Antioch University-LA. My counseling specialties include: Trauma and intersectionality, LGBTQIA+ and POC/BIPOC folks, first-generation Americans, and relationships as well as narcissistic abuse recovery.  Website: www.starashaktilmft.com

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