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Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT
ommunications and Marketing Committee Chair

Lynne Azpeitia, LMFT, AAMFT Approved Supervisor, supports and coaches licensed therapists, associates, and students in creating, maintaining (or revitalizing) a successful, thriving clinical practice and a profitable career. Based in Santa Monica, Lynne does coaching and psychotherapy with gifted, talented & creative adults, couples, and families—and provides supervision, consultation & training to licensed therapists, interns and supervisors. A Professor Emeritus of Phillips Graduate University, Lynne’s a popular speaker and workshop leader, well known for her practical, useful, cutting-edge advice—and is nationally recognized for her skillful, innovative training and extensive knowledge of Virginia Satir’s work. Websites: www.Gifted-Adults.com, www.LAPracticeDevelopment.com, www.LynneAzpeitia.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.828.7121 | LA-CAMFT Email: lynnemazpeitia@yahoo.com
Work/Private Practice Email: lynne@gifted-adults.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/LynneAzpeitia

Janaki Neptune, LMFT
Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Janaki Neptune, LMFT, helps individuals develop, become aware of, and use their own abilities to work out their problems and find joy in their lives. Janaki’s strong belief in each person’s natural ability to change and heal drives her positive therapeutic approach. Specializing primarily in women’s issues, Janaki supports women as they move from abusive or unhealthy relationships to healthy ones. In addition, she helps clients cope with life transitions such as new relationships, empty nest challenges, career change, retirement and other life changes. Janaki is also certified to provide therapy for individuals and families challenged by problem gambling. Website: www.janakineptune.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.392.3290 | LA-CAMFT Email: jneptunemft@gmail.com
Work/Private Practice Email: jneptunemft@gmail.com

Christina Castorena, LMFT
Diversity Committee Co-Chair

Christina Castorena, LMFT, works with children, families, couples and adults dealing with life transitions, parenting, professional development, relational conflicts and existential crises. In 2018, Christina will be releasing a book entitled, IT’S NOT ABOUT THE SQUIRREL: A Therapist’s Guide to Getting Through Tough Times. She describes a deeply emotional experience she had as a new therapist and shares the mantra she created that fuels her counseling work. As Co-Chair of the Diversity Committee for LA-CAMFT, she feels strongly about her professional community and advocating for the well-being and self-care of therapists. Based in Studio City. Website: www.castorenatherapeutic.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 818.514.5655 | LA-CAMFT Email: President@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: castorena.therapeutic@gmail.com

Jenni J.V. Wilson, LMFT
Speaker Committee Co-Chair

Jenni J.V. Wilson, LMFT: As a collaborative conversationalist, Jenni uses an integrative approach based on post-modern and existential principles. She works with creative and co-dependent clients on improving, avoiding, and eliminating Toxic Relationships, while increasing authentic expression. She has a BA in theatre from Occidental College, an MA in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University LA, and completed certification training in Narrative Therapy from Caspersen Therapy in Minnesota. She produces and co-hosts The Relationship Show podcast, facilitates creative expression groups at Valley Hope Outpatient Clinic in Van Nuys and sees individuals in private practice in West LA and the Valley. Website: www.JenniJVWilson.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.497.2669 | LA-CAMFT Email: speakerchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: JenniferJVWilson@gmail.com
Facebook: JenniJVWilson
Twitter: @JenniJVWilson
Instagram: @ThePreppyRebel

Chasity Branner, LMFT, CLC
Speaker Committee Co-Chair

Chasity Branner, LMFT, CLC, is passionate about helping people unblock their hidden potential, develop healthy relationships, and resolve past trauma. She incorporates psychodynamic and CBT approaches along with certified coaching techniques to assist her clients in reaching their goals. Chasity holds the therapist-client connection in high regard and believes that sustaining a healthy, positive relationship can be life changing. She works in private practice located in Beverly Hills. Website: www.chasitybanner.com.

Contact Information
Phone: 818.383.4199 | LA-CAMFT Email: speakerchair@lacamft.org
Work/Private Practice Email: info@chasitybranner.com
Instagram: @chasitybrannerlmft

Estelle Fisher, LMFT
Sponsorship Committee Chair

Estelle Fisher, LMFT has been facilitating mental and emotional healing throughout Los Angeles for over 20 years. Her belief in the inherent human ability to heal emotionally guided her to expand her psychotherapeutic practice to include EMDR and TRM to enhance that process. Estelle’s work in private practice, hospital outreach programs and schools, enables her to bring therapy to individuals, children, couples and families, in resource-rich as well as under-served communities. In every aspect of her work, Estelle seeks the reclamation of personal empowerment, heightening of awareness, and ultimately, an honest and gratifying expression of self.

Contact Information
Phone: 310.740.1441 | LA-CAMFT Email: mindbfreee@gmail.com 
Work/Private Practice Email: mindbfreee@gmail.com

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